Carla Fire Pit

Terrazzo is a timeless garden trend and we have brought together a painted terrazzo effect with our clay fire pit and complemented it with striking matte black details for a truly cosmopolitan feel.

While clay has many natural qualities such as holding heat like traditional wood-fired cooking ovens it does require an initial curing process that will take an afternoon to complete (Instruction manual included). The Carla comes complete with a cooking grill and mesh safety lid.


  • Compact and contemporary design
  • Great for use in terraces and patios – when used with heat proof tiles
  • Terrazzo finish with matt black details
  • Includes cooking grill, fire tool and mesh safety lid

Please watch instructions on curing this product prior to use.

Preparing your
New carla Fir Pit

‘Curing’, or ‘firing’ as it is sometimes referred to, is an important step that is often overlooked. By curing you ensure that the clay can withstand the changes in heat caused by regular use and cold weather. The process can be time-consuming so we recommend putting aside an afternoon, preferably when the weather is good.

Watch Instructions