Cash Fire Ring

The Cash Fire Ring gives you the opportunity to bring your very own outdoor entertaining area ideas to life. Choose the masonry option that best suits your garden décor plans.

Let your imagination run wild by coordinating your fire pit with your existing brick or paver work, or alternatively using it to contrast and define your fire pit area. The ring assists in acting as a protective barrier between the fire and stone and takes the guesswork out of building a perfect circle — no bricklayer required.


  • Great for the center of a landscape project
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Large burning capacity
  • High-temperature black paint

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Building your New
cash fire pit

The beauty of the Cash Fire Ring is that it gives you the scope to bring your very own outdoor entertaining space ideas to life. With your choice of brick you can design the look to co-ordinate with garden décor plans, and then follow our instructions to incorporate your centrepiece fire pit.

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