Building your Cash Fire Pit

April 15, 2021 3 min read

The beauty of the Cash Fire Ring is that it gives you the scope to bring your very own outdoor entertaining space ideas to life. With your choice of brick you can design the look to co-ordinate with garden décor plans, and then follow the instructions below to incorporate your centrepiece fire pit.

What you’ll need


Step 1

Your instructions & materials list

Inside your Cash Fire Ring packing carton you will find an instructional manual. This will give you a complete step-by-step guide to constructing your fire ring.

Step 2

Select the best location

Select your location, ensuring safety clearances have been met (4 metres around and above the fire pit). Ensure the area is level, using a spirit level and shovel to correct where needed. 

Step 3

Mark out your fire ring position

Place the fire ring in the centre of your selected area. Use a brightly coloured spray paint to mark around the outside of the fire ring, then remove the ring and set aside.

Step 4

Create a sand base foundation

Spread 40kgs of sand evenly over the area, spanning approx. 300mm from the painted ring. The sand will assist in achieving a level structure of bricks. Place the ring back into position.

Step 5

Start your brick placement

Commence your brick placement 40mm back from the ring if using retaining wall bricks with a lip locking system. This will allow for the slight staggering of bricks towards the ring and result in a flush finish to the fire ring.

Step 6

Ensure the first layer is level

Lay the first layer of bricks ensuring they are perfectly level. This will require applying a level and correcting the brick in the sand by tapping with the end of a trowel or similar. Ensure you don’t apply too much force and crack the brick.

Step 4

Start to build up brick layers

Once the base layer is perfectly level and the bricks are symmetrically placed with even gaps between you can build the second and third layers. Use brick adhesive on the second and third layer to ensure long lasting stability. Depending on the look you want you can either stagger the bricks so the middle layer is offset from the top and bottom or leave lined up. Each layer will approach the original ground marking by 20mm.

Step 5

Surround with layer of gravel

Add a shallow layer of gravel to the base of the fire ring to create an uneven surface which is best for air flow. To create a more pleasing visual aspect it looks better to extending the gravel out around the outside of the fire ring.

Step 6

Time to enjoy your new fire pit!

The final step couldn’t be easier. We suggest that you gather the family around, invite a group of friends over and find any excuse to get your new fire pit roaring to life and enjoy your brand new outdoor entertaining area.