cube fire pit

Elevate your outdoor ambiance with the sleek and compact design of Glow’s Cube Fire Pit.

Featuring a contemporary perforated pattern in high-temperature powder-coated steel, the Cube Fire Pit is easy to assemble and perfect for terraces or patios with heat-proof tiles. Lightweight and portable, it includes a log grate for added functionality, ensuring warmth and style for your outdoor space.


  • Easy assembly
  • Strong and durable construction 
  • High temperature black paint
  • Medium burning capacity
  • Log grate included

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Tips for Creating the ultimate fire

To put it simply, the three things a fire needs in order to burn are oxygen, heat and you guessed it, fuel. We call these three components the fire triangle. Remove any of these three elements, the fire will cease to exist. Add more oxygen and your fire will burn faster and hotter. It’s why you always see survival experts blowing on their fires like crazy so that it doesn’t go out!

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