Rotund Fire Pit

Our Rotund outdoor wood heater has a classic shaped drum form, this compact solution is great for space-conscious outdoor areas whilst still providing a large burning capacity.

The mesh body drum encourages great airflow and heat output which the Glow team can vouch go hand in hand. Having the fire and coal beds situated at the base of a drum is also a safer option as children and pets will be prevented from falling into the lower wider woks available.


  • Robust, rustic design
  • Great for use in a smaller sized backyard
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Weathering steel designed to naturally oxidise in Australian conditions
  • Feet lift this outdoor wood heater up off from the ground and helps to protect your surface

Retail Price

From $189

Fire safety advice

When it comes to outdoor entertaining and a fire pit, especially in your backyard or on your patio, safety is extremely important so we’ve put together a quick overview of some safety advice to always follow.

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